WALDEN Decompression Strap


WALDEN Decompression Strap


Using one piece of thinned cowhide, after calculating the precise folding position, using the technique of folding and pressing, a new type of pressure relief strap is created. From the surface to the edge, every angle is 100% soft and comfortable to fit the leather surface. , Even if the bag is full of items, there is no discomfort of pressing the shoulders. From rough to delicate, cross-border a variety of wear and  occasions, no matter what kind of clothing material, there is no concern about scratches or pilling.

CLOVE-HITCH strap adjustment system:

Without the heavy metal hardware of traditional leather bags, it is ultralight . In the entire development process, the most time-consuming part is the CLOVE-HITCH adjustment mechanism. And it is also the key to the weight of WALDEN so light. Small size, light weight, and fast.

  • Material:  Italian vegetable tanned cowhide, stainless steel, zinc-copper alloy
  • Size: 950~1250 X 30 X 10 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Place of Origin: Designed in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan.
Color : Black
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Weight530 g
Dimensions33 × 27 × 8 cm



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