Sustainable Material Design for Yilan County Fishing Culture Conservation Association

The dilapidated ship hulls are dismantled to be considered waste and disposed of.

The lightweight fiberglass boat hulls has substituted traditional handmade wooden shipbuilding.

Designed by Gina Hsu , Nagaaki Shaw / Material: Nails, cypress wood, scrap boat wood
Shipyard Furniture: Armchairs, dining table and chairs
The Shipyard chair uses wood taken from the cabin of a fishing boat, namely the captain’s quarters’ wooden bed, turning this into a recycled, yet useful piece of furniture, as well as represents the old captain’s power at the helm of a once great ship.

Alignment notch still retained in the wood.

The rebirth chair with the damaged ship.

Chair latch is using latch technology of boat.

The lamp for attract fish and squid up to the surface of the water.

Product sketch.

Fishing Culture + Gina Hsu, Nagaaki Shaw / Material: Scrap boat metal, discarded light bulbs, anchor

Fisherman’s floor lamp and table lamp
Whether used in the fishing process, or in the boats return to the port, light represents something very important in sea life, as it acts as the only clue people may have in a sometimes pitch black environment. When used in their life at home, this also true. This piece sees the use of onboard items such lights used to attract fish and squid up to the surface of the water and anchors as well, put to use in a slightly different manner therefore extending its usage indefinitely, as well as ultimately becoming a wonderful accessory to any dark environment.

The iron works services for the fishermen in the port.

Welding product.