Rendition / Inchu Washi


One of paper craftsman: Mr. Hasegawa


Material studying

GR Gift

Gifting shows details and messages of concern. GR Gift uses Wasi of DAIINSHU-SEISHI CO.,LTD as decoration on the gift packages. Provides the gift with most beautiful and deeper meaning.

Paper Name:強性紙

DAIINSHU-SEISHI CO.,LTD is the biggest paper factory in Tottori. The paper is strong with smooth surface. Even though the paper are made by machines, it maintain good price, and a large quantity are used on Japanese space and artworks.

Material: Kozo
Cooperated with:大因州 製紙 / DAIINSHU-SEISHI CO.,LTD


The Design can fit different GR boxes


It can be hair ornament.


Moon Paper

Wasi of Dainshu concentrates on the pattern of the paper, also shows delicate skills of paper makers. Moon is one of the best product in Mr. Hasegawa‘s decades-long of career. GR used LED light to emphasize the beautiful details of it.

Paper Name:円形落水紙 楮白

Paper made from Kozo fiber is very strong. The marks, look like craters of the Moon, are created by dropping water during making process. The difference of thickness in the marks can produce dramatic contrast of light.

Material: Kozo
Cooperated with:長谷川 豐 / Yutaka Hasegawa


Moon PaperIMG_9671

Front view of LED body 110V/10W

Moon PaperIMG_9677

Back view of LED body 110V/10W

Paper Carry Series

Nakahara’s paper has very rich feeling on its touch. It also performs really well on waterproofing and heavy lifting. It is the best material to show the emotional and functional features of GR Carry Goods.

Paper Name:特注彩色革風揉紙

The thickness of handmade paper made it difficult to drain and color. But the paper craftsman, Nakahara San solved the problem as well as improved it so it is stronger and waterproof. The artisan rubbed the paper by hand and painted the Konjac glue on the surface in the finish process, which made the paper stronger.

Material: Kozo 50% Ganpi 50%
Cooperated with:中原 寬治 / Kanji Nakahara


Multifunction carry holder


Card holder


Phone holder


Phone holder


Phone holder