Strike Case

The simple leather case can be used to hold lipstick, lip gloss, cigarettes, or a large number of business cards. The lid of the case has a tray section to allow easy access to coins.




Fujisawa Norifumi (藤澤典史) perfected his craft by learning from renowned traditional gilding master Okamoto Masaharu (岡本正治). After being involved in the gilding process at national Buddhist temples and shrines for approximately 20 years, Fujisawa Norifumi  started his own business in 2015, where he is committed to utilizing the gilding skills of the temples in his products.



DU Layer Sleeve / iPhone 6 / plus

DU Layer Sleeve helps you manage your iPhone, cards, and paper bills all together. It provides you with a free and easygoing attitude throughout your workday or during your travels.


Short Wallet

Short Wallet is designed for paper bills and a small amount of cards. It is the best friend for people who prefer to not carry big bags around.



mini Fly Carry

The mini Fly Carry is available for cell phones, passports, checks, and cards. It not only makes travel easier and more elegant, but is also a helpful item in our everyday life.




Comprised of kinran (gold brocade), ginran (silver brocade), satin, and other beautiful fabrics, Torii fabric is primarily used in hanging scrolls, painting frames, and folding screens. By being widely incorporated in architecture, including temples, Japanese homes, and teahouse preparation, Torii fabric is indispensible to culture and art.

*Torii Co., Ltd. is also a supplier of  KOGADO (京表具井上光雅堂).




iPhone Sleeve / iPhone 6 / plus

The iPhone Sleeve is designed for the iPhone. Its soft leather protects your precious cell phone. The side pockets also offer additional purpose for users.


Geometrical Bow Tie

Geometrical Bow Tie is folded using one piece of leather. It can be worn with your working suit or casual outfits.


Strap Purse

Strap Purse can hold paper bills and cards. Its strap gives it a fresh and unique style.