Rush Grass X GR

Rush growing

Rush harvest

Sun exposure and drying

Selecting quality rush for produce

Selecting quality rush for produce

Handcrafted rush weaving

Cooperated with Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association.

The concept of “Green Design” is to work with the specialty and historical values of the community by adopting several creative methods such as design thinking, integrated techniques and style updates. It features with no-additives, non-bleach, dye-free in natural materials to emphasize the pureness while developing the best consumer usability nowadays. The craftsmanship highlights the importance of sustainability by retrieving handling experience and revealing production process with attentiveness and patience.

Basket – No.1 25 X 20 cm / No.2 20 X 20 cm

The preliminary goal of this project is to make products affordable as everyday objects, and to fulfill the demand of practicality and cost-effectiveness. We work with hospitality industry by providing room amenities, brining guests homey experience.

Current weaving technique supports high-quality production and expands capability of combining new materials without leather machining. It reduces the cost of development and manpower, increases production lead time as well. Rough fishing net weaving techniques, delicate vegetable tanned leather and metal buttons, together they perform the simplicity and usability of craft objects made of natural materials.

Breakfast Basket 23 X 23 X 23 cm

Fan 25 X 35 cm

For Daily goods / Tray 24 X 20 X 3.5 cm

Slipper M 24 X 9 X 6 cm